Taking Advantage of Brexit – Thea Gouverneur’s Cities

My family just got back from our vacation to Scotland and London and while Brexit has thrown the politics of the country in turmoil, the £/$ exchange rate was really good for tourism.  Usually a trip to the UK is very expensive, but the drop in the exchange rate allowed us to do more than we normally could.

With that in mind, if you have coveted any designs from UK designers or wanted to purchase anything from the UK, now might be a good time to save up and make a purchase.  I have long wanted one of the Thea Gouverneur kits.  She avoids piracy problems by not publishing DMC /Anchor floss numbers with her designs, but that means you cannot purchase a design by itself.  You have to purchase a kit which makes collecting her designs more expensive.  For the longest time I’ve looked at her city kits, but they were just too prohibitively expensive at anywhere from $100-$120 US.  I looked the other day at  artsanddesigns and the London Thea Gouverneur kit was $83 including free shipping!  Typical list price is about £61 which at the most recent exchange rates (08/23/2016) of 1.32-1.35 exchange rate should be $80.52-$82.35. UPDATE: Prices are even better now (10/27/2016) of 1.22!  I purchased the Sydney and Amsterdam cities recently.

London Cross Stitch

If you have a credit card that has no foreign transaction fees then I recommend you check the exchange rate with Visa or Mastercard (I have heard that Mastercard has better exchange rates on travel blogs) and make the purchase in the foreign currency rather than the $ conversion.

I like the other city kits, but may limit it to only a couple more as my budget allows.  I’m thinking Amsterdam and Sydney as those are more likely places I will go than any of the others.

Another UK design house charts that I collected, but may be a better bargain now is the charts from Heritage Crafts Valerie Pfieffer.  I love the little baby bird sets.


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