Japanese Wonder Shell from Terrence Nolan

One of the hardest to find cross stitch patterns appeared on E-bay today.  The Japanese Wonder Shell from Dimples Designs / Terrence Nolan appeared.  It was a Special Nashville Market Edition only pattern, so the store owner or consumer would have had to buy the pattern the year that it was available there.

Bidding ended at 6 am PST, so I woke up early to watch it.  Made a max bid, but with 2 seconds to go, I was defeated.  Final price $86.95.  I was sad to miss out on it since I have all his other shells, but I’m consoled with the fact that I’ve got the picture of it for this website! :D.  I also got a message from Terrence a while back when I initially posted my first post about his designs, or someone who said he was Terrence, but when I tried to e-mail him back, the e-mail address bounced my message back.  If he is reading this, please give us an update on how you are!

Anyway, here it is!

Japanese wonder shell


Japanese wondershell2



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