Favorite Patterns from Cross Stitch and Country Crafts

I’ve been purging a lot of my magazines and I recently went through my old (like 15-20 years old) Cross Stitch and Country Crafts magazines.  I’m trying to slim down my collection to save only those magazines with patterns I like.  I’m getting rid of almost all my Stoney Creek patterns and a bunch of my Just Cross Stitch magazines too.  There are a few designs I am retaining from the CS&CC magazines.

I have saved a lot of the Christmas Stocking patterns from the July/August magazine issues.  I really enjoy the detail in these designs.

  • 1985? North Woods Christmas
  • 1986 – Home for Christmas
  • 1987 – Holiday Kitchen
  • 1988 – Holiday Study
  • 1989 – Stitcher’s Studio
  • 1990 – Holiday Workshop
  • 1991 – The Music Room
  • 1992 – Sugar ’n Spice
  • 1993 – Snips ’n’ Snails
  • 2002 – Gardener’s Delight

Here is a gallery of the designs.

Here is a set of Illuminated Manuscript patterns from the Jan/Feb 1990 issue and Sept/Oct 1991 issue:

A lot of patterns that I do like are in this hardcover book: 101 Best-Loved Designs from Cross Stitch & Country Crafts.  Since they are in the book I can get rid of the yellowing magazines and  retain the designs.

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