Destash – Selling Some Cross Stitch Magazines, Spin-Off

I’m clearing out some of my bookshelves – this will be a running list.  If it isn’t crossed out, it is still available.  Check back occasionally, as I will be adding to this list over time as I get a chance to list them and as I find them in my stash.  There will be some Cross Stitch and Country Crafts, Just Cross Stitch, Stoney Creek.

After some time has past, I have decided to list these on eBay for minimal prices.  If they are up on eBay, there is a link provided.

Non-smoking home, no pet home

Cross Stitch and Country Crafts

Older magazines are yellowed some from age – as not all the pages are glossy.

  • Jul/Aug 1987 (Holiday Kitchen Stocking, Traditions Sampler, Rabbit ABCs, Amid Amish Life – Visiting the Neighbors, Others)
  • March/April 1989 (Beloved Toys, Country Anniversary Sampler, By the Sea pt 1, Enduring Love Sampler, Others) <ebay listing – for all 1989 together>
  • July/Aug 1989 (Stitcher’s Studio Stocking, Birdhouse, By the Sea pt 3, Others) <ebay listing – for all 1989 together>
  • Sept/Oct 1989 (The Rose Garden, Hardanger Heart, Homage to the Farm pt 1, Horse, Carousel Rabbit, Others) <ebay listing – for all 1989 together>
  • Nov/Dec 1989 (The Night Before Christmas, Russian Santa, Homage to the Farm, Nutcracker sampler, Others) <ebay listing – for all 1989 together>
  • Jan/Feb 1990 (Illuminated Manuscript I, Ivy, Spring Floral Wreath, Homage to the Farm, Others)
  • March/April 1990 (China Garden, Assisi Embroidery, Hummingbird Sampler, Cottage Gardens, others)
  • Jul/Aug 1990 – I have two available (Holiday Workshop Stocking, Country Kitchen, Victorian Bouquet, Cottage Gardens – Half Timbered Cottage, Little Fox, Pride of Patriots, Others)
  • March/April 1991 – 2 avail (Milady’s Fan, Stitcher’s Primer “N”, Gentle Menagerie, Very Veggie, Others)
  • July/Aug 1991 (Music Room Stocking, In Praise of Trees Sampler, Stitcher’s Primer “H” is for Home, 1932 Chevrolet Truck,  Others)
  • Sept/Oct 1991 (Antique weather vanes, Hangups 1, A Cross Stitcher Hometown, Spring Bouquet, Illuminated Manuscript II, Others)
  • Nov/Dec 1991 (Christmas Imps, Cheese board, Hangups 2, Joy! to your World, Thou Tree Most Fair and Lovely, Santas of Fable and Fantasy, Others)
  • Jan/Feb 1992 (Gifts from the Sea, A Sampler with Heart, A Year in Cross-Stitch (Hangups 3), Ribbon Floss, Others)
  • March/April 1992 (Heartsong, Lighthouse, Antique sampler, Sunday Best, Country Champions 1 – Champion Cow, Friends of the Forest sampler, Mini Samplers, Others)
  • May/June 1992 (Measuring the Marigolds, Country Champions 2 – Sheep, To Have and To Hold, Bleeding Hearts, Thank You, God, for Summer, Antique Toys, Jewels from a Tropic Sea, Others)
  • October 1992 (Winter Wreath, Impish Apparitions, American Barns 1, Drawn Thread Work, Winter Wonderland, Victorian Welcome, Hot ‘n’ Spicy, Christmas Carousel, Others)
  • Nov/Dec 1992 – 2 copies (Renaissance Angel, Noah’s Voyage Sampler (nice), American Barns 2, Country Grace, Golden Fruit and Nuts, Others)
  • February 1993 (Simple Pleasures, American Barns 3, Armenian Needle Lace, Cottage Christening, Winter on Foxhill, Gander’s Welcome, Others) <ebay listing combined>
  • March/April 1993 (Quaker Sampler, Baltimore Quilt Squares 1-6, Salt Glaze Sampler (love this one!), Young Man’s Fancy, In My Easter Bonnet (egg), Carousel Polar Bear ornament, Others)<ebay listing combined>
  • May/June 1993 (Grandpa’s Workshop, Russian Angels, Baltimore Quilt Squares 7-12, Pulled Thread Sampler, Country Charms, Others) <ebay listing combined>
  • July/August 1993 – (Toys and Games Stocking, The Oregon Trail, Clock Faces, Cherry Basket Sampler, Noah’s Ark, Others) <ebay listing combined>
  • Sept/Oct 1993 – 2 copies avail (The Glorious Pear, Family Portrait (Mouse Family), Spooktacular Haunted House, Teachers are Special, Others) <ebay listing>
  • Nov/Dec 1993 – 2 avail (The Magnificent Apple, Duck Pillow and Sweater, Bandana Stockings, Patchwork of Stitches (ornaments), Patchwork Santa <ebay listing>
  • Jan/Feb 1994 (The Regal Plum, Cherub, Button Sampler, Queen of Hearts, Others) <ebay Listing>

Just Cross Stitch

  • February 2000 – Grape Pillow
  • August 2000 – Lighthouse, butterflies
  • October 2000 – Pumpkin pillow (Donna Vermillion Giampa) <ebay listing>
  • December 2000 – Holly Pillow (Donna Vermillion Giampa) <ebay listing>
  • August 2001 – Lemon, Limes Pillow


  • Lavender & Lace – Queen Anne’s Lace – unopened, New in package
  • Lavender & Lace – Nantucket Rose – unopened, New in package
  • Lavender & Lace – Morning Song – unopened, New in package
  • Calico Crossroads – Cherished Thoughts, original chart, unused – $4.00
  • Calico Crossroads – Winter Bellpull, original chart, unused – $5.00
  • Amaryllis Artworks – Breeds of Sheep, original chart, unused – $6.00
  • The Victoria Sampler – Antique Lace (the gold/white with tassle pic) – $5.00

Spin-Off Magazine – $5 each

  • Fall 1994
  • Summer, Fall, Winter 2000
  • Fall, Winter 2002
  • Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter 2005
  • Spring, Winter 2006

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