Blending Cross Stitch and Blackwork – Ajisai Press

I haven’t purchased any designs lately and am in fact getting rid of a lot of older magazines, knitting magazines, and supplies as I realized I have way more stash than I will ever get to.  So I am keeping those things that “make me happy” or that I think I will get to.  Everything else is moving to either E-bay, Amazon, craigslist (it is amazing how fast free supplies will go!), or donation to my local Friends of the local library.

But today I actually found some designs that I want to eventually do.  They are located at Ajisai Press.  I especially love the bird designs which are a pop of color against blackwork.  I purchased the back issue of World of Stitching directly from the publisher for £8.95 delivered to the US to get the hummingbird design, and I’m thinking of getting the three bird designs on the website.  I could see using some metallic threads on the hummingbird to bring out the contrast even more.

I was tempted by the butterfly designs, but decided I have enough of those with the Dimples Designs butterflies I have.  I can even see maybe use of some overdyed colored threads for the blackwork.  Check her work out and let me know what you think!

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