Stash Storage – New Ziploc Storage Bins

Everyone has a certain amount of stash and different storage systems.  For my yarn I generally have it in plastic gallon Ziploc bags that are then stored in plastic bins (Sterilite or other).  The storage boxes are not completely sealed, so there is the risk of some kind of bug getting in there and decimating one’s stash.  Storage boxes usually have only two latches (if they even have any) and are only there for keeping the lid on the box, but not for sealing purposes.

I also have a ton of sewing patterns which I have been storing in my large legal sized file cabinet.  One of the stash destroying creatures that plagues me are silverfish.  They eat books, starchy things and I fear that they can get into my patterns.

I went to get a replacement lid from Target today for another large box that I have and discovered the Ziploc storage boxes which I hadn’t seen before.  I believe they come in three sizes – a Large 60-Qt size (with 6-latches) as well as a smaller shallow box that stacks with a smaller deep box (both with 4 latches).

Ziploc Large Ziploc Latch Ziploc Lid Ziploc Small

They are more pricey than the Sterilite boxes, but they claim to be weathertight, with a foam gasket seal in the lid and six latches vs just two.  I bought a couple and used the 20% off storage Cartwheel offer.

I’m thinking they will be perfect for moving my patterns into and protecting them from bugs.  If they work as well as I hope I may replace some of my other boxes as well.  I can’t wait to reclaim the file cabinet for personal papers and other office supplies.  I’m surprised Ziploc isn’t advertising these boxes anywhere on their corporate site.  They are definitely a step up from the more flimsy Sterilite boxes!

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