Plastic Transparent Covers for Manga

If you have ever been to Japan, they wrap your books in covers when you buy them (usually in a paper wrapping that advertises the store).  I want to get some covers for some manga that I have purchased.  While there are all sorts of comic bags (mylar and polyethylene), it seems to be really hard to find covers appropriate for manga and companies seem to publish books of different heights and thicknesses (2 in 1s and 3 in 1s).

Viz seems to be one of the dominant publishers of english translated manga. I measured the height of my manga which was 190mm x 127mm.  My 2-in-1s is also that size, but of course thicker.

I found these transparent book covers at cdjapan. I was worried about the difference in sizing – 188mm tall vs the 190mm that the Viz manga is.  I purchased a few and they are a perfect fit with very little overhang.  They work for both single volume manga and the 2-in-1 volumes.  One thing that these covers don’t do is keep the manga from yellowing.  I think that after reading if you really want to protect it you have to put it in an acid-free comic bag.  There are manga bags, but I haven’t tried those out to see how well they fit my manga. It’s too bad that after you spend so much money on the manga that they don’t publish it with better paper!

I calculated the price after buying about 20 packages.  With SAL Small Post shipping it comes out to about 23 cents per cover.  They do a really good job of packaging and protecting your purchase – no worries about bending or folding as they send it in a box. Anyone have any cheaper options?

Showing minimal edge overhang.

Insert back cover first and slide all the way to the left
Gently insert front cover into flap.
Remove adhesive cover and fold and attach to back cover plastic.
Covers on a regular single book manga.


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