Updated for 2016 – Legoland – Buy one Adult Fare, get one child free!

So I am taking my son to Legoland for spring break and I was hunting down one of those buy one get one coupons. I checked on E-bay and a lot of the people have pictures of the coupons… One of the coupons had a website you go to: http://www.legoland.com/legosahjanuary2016 [Updated 2/11/2016] and the code to use is ON THE WEBPAGE people!  Why pay for these coupons?  The code is right there: 169909. Why pay for this on one of those coupons when it is there on the webpage AND plainly visible.

I tried it, and it worked. My tickets are good for one year from date of purchase. This new offer expires 7/31/2016.  I saw another code for the same buy one get one child free: 159901 which is supposed to expire 12/31/2016.  I haven’t tried that one..  I don’t get any financial benefit from posting this.  Just thought I’d save some people the effort.




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