Hello Kitty Ultimate Mahjong Set!

Okay, so my 3 year old little girl is a Hello Kitty fiend.  I’ve purchased a few things for her – like a Hello Kitty umbrella, raincoat, and boots, Hello Kitty trainer chopsticks, fork and spoon, and plate as well as a Hello Kitty Funtainer.  I actually succumbed to Kitty mania and purchased a Hello Kitty wallet from e-bay because it was cute and it has an awesome number of credit card slots.

HK Wallet

I did not buy all of this from Amazon – I just provided some links as affiliate links to the actual item I DID get.  Some items I purchased in my travels, some through Amazon, some through E-bay, and even a few through Aliexpress.

One of my friends holds a Mahjong night and I was curious if Hello Kitty went as far as mahjong.  I found out there are actually a lot of Hello Kitty standard Mahjong sets, but I’m not interested in just the mundane set with Hello Kitty engraved on the back of the tile.  What I found were two designs that appealed to me.   One set is the “Funbox” set which is a 37mm x 27mm x 22mm tile set.  The designs on the face of this set have been COMPLETELY Hello Kitty-ized! The set comes in a square metal suitcase with Hello Kitty chips.  I’m surprised they did not Hello Kitty-ize the dice which I have seen in other sets.  This set replaces the Dots with Hello Kitties.  The Numbers are all in English which would make it easier for people who cannot read Chinese, and the Sticks are now Bear faces.  East, West, North, and South are all in English and instead of Doors or Red Middle symbols, or the Green Chinese symbol, they are Hello Kitty friend animals.  The four flowers are also converted.  Here is a set on e-bay.   Here is the link to it. Hello Kitty Funbox Mahjong

This Funbox set is very hard to find online.  I also found a more traditional Hello Kitty set, the set is 39mm x 29mm x 23mm which is a larger tile size.  The tiles are glittery with a Hello Kitty embedded inside and the set has a more traditional mahjong look.  However, they have replaced the sticks with BOWS and the Dots are the outline of Hello Kitty!  I really like the traditional look they have gone for but with the little extra Kitty touches.  They have a glittery Gold and a glittery Pink.

What do you think of these two sets?  Do you prefer the Pink or the Gold or the Funbox?

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