McKenna Ryan/PineNeedles – More Quilt Pattern Retirements!

I have never been a quilter – its one of those hobbies that I would like to eventually get to one of these days.  In fact, I would love to do more sewing, but my 3 year old wants to get into everything so I avoid pulling out any scissors, needles, or dangerous objects.  She doesn’t understand yet that she can’t touch and use everything.

I have never been a fan of general quilting, but a number of McKenna Ryan’s applique quilts do appeal to me.  Every so often I would buy a kit with all the batik fabrics, the pattern, and embellishments (if there are any) and add to my craft stash.  I occasionally come back and check out if there are some great new patterns and kits that interest me.

I was shocked to find out that McKenna aka Pine Needles is RETIRING some of her patterns!  Some of these patterns have been out for a long time, and I guess she has decided to move on to bigger and better things.  It also is a sales technique to push people to purchase rather than wait, in fear of pattern retirements.   I know it incentivized me, and the pattern prices are much better at 1/2 off right now at her website!  If there is a pattern you’ve been looking at and wanting for a while, now would be the time to buy at her website.  One thing to consider is that the original fabrics are often hard to find as they get retired.  For those people who tend to have fabric stashes, this might not be an issue.

By the way, the best packaged kits with generous pieces of fabric is Batiks Plus.  Look at this wonderful quilt set of “In Full Bloom” – I wish I had purchased this one, but it was too expensive for me at the time.  I ended up purchasing a kit of this quilt from someone else, but they cut tiny pieces of fabric for some of the parts.  Batiks Plus gives you larger cuts so you can perfect the part of the fabric pattern that will be on your cut out.  Anyone know if Hamels has such nice cuts?  Also, since I started collecting, the newer laser cut kits could be a money/time saver if you don’t care to have large fabric remnants left over.  I’ve purchased a few of those where I don’t mind not having to do the cut work.

Batiks Plus Kit

UPDATE: In fact, if you go to her website, her latest update implies she is moving in a different direction.  She has joined Robert Kaufman Fabrics and so is closing out almost ALL of her older patterns, her showroom, and the fabric and kits. Her “New Beginnings” sale is going on and she is even closing out her Dog Park and From the Coast series.  If you want them, I would recommend heading on over to her website and getting them now before they disappear and become one of those OOP things that you regret not getting.

I have the kits for:

  • In Full Bloom
  • Storybook Farm
  • Back on the Farm
  • Rhythm of the Sea
  • Dog Park – not retired yet.  I couldn’t resist. – in the New Beginnings sale, so possibly retired
  • All Cooped Up (original 9 blocks, laser cut parts – we’ll see how that comes out) - in the New Beginnings sale, so possibly retired

I have patterns for:

  • Coffee Classic (I have some or the original fabrics for this)
  • Cucina Italiana (I have some or the original fabrics for this)
  • Out & About
  • Which Came First (purchased fabric for this)

With the new retirements, considering:

  • From the Coast, with Love – in the New Beginnings sale, so possibly retired
  • Wind in the Whiskers

I thought I’d throw up another gallery of Retired Patterns for posterity, but this time of McKenna Ryan’s quilts.  What are your thoughts about her pattern retirements and have you done one of these appliqué quilts?  Any other favorite quilt artists?

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